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Saint Patrick's Day Bouquet


Fate stole St. Patrick's Day from us last year but Grumpy's won't let that happen again! We are happy to announce that we'll be open to see all of your wonderful faces this year!
As many of you know, for these last 20 years we've decorated the bar with our signature in-house assembled bouquets. This year we'll be offering them to the public as a special along with a pint of Guiness or a healthy splash of Jameson. Click the link to order yours.

Saint Patrick's Special


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Hey everyone!

First off we just want to say we hope everybody's okay and not completely losing your marbles after watching that 27th episode of The Office. Obviously we're all dealing with some extraordinary times here. And even though the shop's closed, we still have to pay the piper.

What we're doing is offering gift certificates to help ease this transition. If you're able to maybe buy that beer and a bump in advance that would mean a lot to us! Grumpy's isn't going anywhere. We'll be back to redeem that brandy/Fresca for you just as soon as we can.

If you can't afford it right now, no problem. Take care of you and yours first! But if you can, we'd really appreciate it! Thanks guys!

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Staff tip jar

So we've received several messages from people wondering if there's any way they might show some support for Grumpy's staff during these trying days. First off, we're gushing. Thank you SO much. This really means a lot to us! We try to operate Grumpy's with the idea that it's a family as well as a business. A true public house, an extension of the neighborhood. And when we get requests like this it really means the world to us. So we went ahead and sent up a virtual “tip jar” you can contribute to. We obviously won't be keeping any of it, 100% will go to the staff and their families. We know not everyone can afford to spread it around and we totally understand. Take care of you and yours first! We sincerely hope you're all healthy and comfortable. And thanks again everybody! Can't wait to see you all after detention!

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